Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Football Pitch Punch Out

The big story in Bangkok today is the brawl between the Mexican and Thai Football teams which started when a Mexican player sucker punched the Thai goalie. The result of that was a keystone cops type chase between the offending Mexican player and the Thai team. Various fisty-cuffs broke out and one Thai player did this unbelievable flying drop kick on a Mexican. The Cops came out and then a shoving match between them and the Mexicans began. If these sorts of violent outbreaks were more common I'd wager five breakfast sausages that Football or "Soccer" might gain some traction in the USA.

Players, fans involved in wild soccer brawl

Soccer players from Thailand and Mexico clashed three times at the end of a World University Games soccer match, officials and spectators joined in and police had to be called to restore order.

Four players were eventually red-carded from the match, which Thailand won 1-0 Monday to qualify for the semifinals. On Tuesday, Games officials and the International University Sports Federation (FISU) considered whether sanctions will be taken against both teams.

Thailand team officials later apologized for the melee.

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