Friday, August 24, 2007

Russia Unveils its Un-Stealth Bomber

A few days ago the RAF scrambled their brand new Typhoon fighter jets to intercept a Russian "Bear" long range bomber. There has been a fair bit of opinions fielded on this and Russia's recent attempts to gain back its former glory. Here's my opinion.

Russia might want to think about designing and building some NEW bombers. This massive turbo-prop beast might have been top of the line in say the Cold War, which may I remind everyone is over and that we won but now it belongs in a museum.

The reason we won the Cold War is because free enterprise inspires something called "innovation" while totalitarianism punishes anything but uniform thinking and only creates corruption and killing fields. This is why while the Soviets were flying this thing thirty years ago the Americans had the Stealth Bomber.

The "Bear" would actually be classified as an "Un-Stealth" bomber as its engines are so loud and so distinctive sounding the Americans used track them with submarines.