Wednesday, August 8, 2007

JI Member Arrested in Philippines

A good reminder that groups like JI and Abu Saayuf (and the MILF for that matter) work together for the same cause. Some of these groups are often touted as "separatist" but in reality they want to JOIN together a huge area that includes the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and the South of Thailand into a massive Islamic State.

Philippines security forces arrest Islamic bomb expert, foil shopping mall bombings

MANILA, Philippines: Security forces in the Philippines have captured an alleged bomb maker trained by the Jemaah Islmiyah terror network, thwarting a plot to bomb shopping malls and other targets in the capital, officials said Monday.

Police Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales said Filipino Kaharudin Usman Talib was arrested Friday in a shopping mall in Taguig city, a suburban district of Manila.

Follow-up operations on Saturday in a rented house in Taguig's Muslim enclave, Maharlika Village, resulted in the seizure of a bomb fashioned from a 60 mm mortar filled with suspected C-4 plastic explosives and other material, he added.

"This powerful improvised explosive had complete components but was still unarmed when found by our agents," said Rosales, director of the police district covering southern metropolitan Manila.

The arrest and bomb discovery were "a major blow to the JI cell operating in the country," he added.

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