Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gwen Isn't Bad

I know, I posted something on this before... But I just wanted an excuse to post another photo of the hotness which is Gwen.

Gwen: I am not a bad girl

Gwen Stefani arrived here for her one-night concert with a message to her critics: “I am not a bad girl.”

“What they said about me is totally the opposite of what I believe in and how I see myself. I have a lot of respect for different cultures and religions. Plus, I’m a mother.

“Of course, I have certain moral values that I uphold. In America, they see me as a good role model,” said the former lead singer of No Doubt, who is now making waves as a solo singer.

Ahead of her arrival here for the Sweet Escape concert at the Putra Stadium tonight, there had been ripples of discontent and protests by some groups, who felt that she would be a bad influence on young Malaysians with her dressing and stage act.

Interviewed by Galaxie last night, however, she was donning a denim jacket, which covered a round-neck T-shirt. She was also wearing a long-flared white skirt.

The ensemble was from her LAMB collection which she personally designs.

However, she declined to be photographed, saying that she looked drab without her make-up and stage clothing.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 20 years and this is the first time that I’m facing opposition from people who have misunderstood me,” the 37-year-old American pop star said at her Shangri-la Hotel suit here.

Accompanying Gwen are her rocker husband Rossdale (of British group, Bush) and their 15-month-old son, Kingston, who she held in her arms during the interview.

It turned out that Gwen has got some Malaysian connection – Rossdale’s stepmother is Malaysian.

“I’ve made a lot of changes to my concert just for Malaysia. It’s a major sacrifice that I have made as an artiste. But I’m willing to do it ’cos I want my fans in this country to see me perform here.

“I will wear jackets over my tops and leotards underneath my skirts or dresses,” added Gwen, who had earlier privately met with Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry deputy secretary-general Datuk Mohammed Mohd Daud.

“I will not mess up. I’ve got all the guidelines in my e-mail and I’ve been reading them so much that they’ve been drilled into my mind,” she said.

On thing folks in the West don't seem to be able to wrap their heads around is that the people would are protesting Gwen AREN'T going to be appeased by anything she does or any changes she makes as according to their strict reading of Islamic Law she should even be ON STAGE or able to do anything beyond cook and make babies.

No Gwen, you're not bad at all...